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A cookie is a small data file which may be stored on your computer's hard drive when you visit a website. Cookies can be used for the following purposes: to enable certain functions, to store your preferences, to store analytics or to enable advertising delivery.

Cookies can be either session cookies or persistent cookies. A session* cookie expires automatically when you close your browser and a persistent cookie will remain until it expires or you delete your cookies.

How Do We Use Cookies On This Website?

Cookies are used for shopping basket functionality and to store information about who is logged in. To do this we use session* cookies to identify who you are so we can direct specific settings to you from our server.

Third-Party Cookies

Google Analytics is used within the site to help us to evaluate how the website is being used and to help us to improve the service and user experience this site provides. All data used in this service is anonymous, meaning the cookies carry no personally identifiable information. Read more about their use of cookies at Google Analytics Cookies. Enesco has no control over the use of any third-party cookies (including but not limited to the Google cookies).

Controlling Or Deleting Cookies

If you don’t like the idea of cookies or what they do, you can control your use of cookies by amending your browser settings to delete or to not accept cookies by using your browser’s help facility. Please note that by doing this you might limit the features that this or other websites offer you.

Last Updated December 2017