Peter Rabbit – Wonderful Children’s Gifts for Christmas 2018

Dec 1, 2018

You can all escape to happier places through books and literature. Your imaginations can be sparked, challenged and encouraged through reading and learning. In addition, you can bring fun and joy into the lives of others, especially children, from even the simplest of tales. In a world that can be so difficult at times, any added joy is a fantastic thing.


The world created by the wonderful Beatrix Potter is perhaps one of the greatest places to “escape to” whether it be through her tales of Peter Rabbit and friends or with her wonderful creations brought to life in toy form. For children, being able to hold and play with the characters that they read about adds a depth and understanding to the tales. Here we look at the world of Beatrix Potter and inspired ideas for Peter Rabbit children’s Christmas 2018 gifts.


Beatrix Potter

The name is instantly recognisable as are her works. Beatrix Potter was born in 1866. Though she had a brother, he was sent away to boarding school and perhaps it was during this time, when she was alone, that the ideas and animations came to Beatrix. Though she was forced to self-publish her first work, since the books were launched many have never been out of print and collectively her books have sold millions of copies worldwide. Whilst popularity and sales are not always a true indication of the quality of work, with Beatrix Potter you’ll soon see why the books and toys have continued to fly from the shelves.


Christmas 2018

Back to today, and you’ll probably have noticed that the shops have been pushing Christmas 2018 hard for at least the last month, perhaps more. You probably planned after last year to be more prepared for “next” Christmas, but as the world is a busy place, you’ve probably failed to act. Fear not, there is still plenty of time to get things right.


Each year there are, of course, the “must-have” toys that you’ll search for and maybe even be lucky enough to find. But rather than being dictated to about what to buy, why not invest in your children’s future and introduce them to Peter Rabbit? Even if they’re already familiar with Peter Rabbit and his friends, there are still opportunities to increase their levels of enjoyment and engagement with the many 2018 Christmas gifts that are available. For fans of Peter Rabbit, giving them new ways to enjoy his adventures is sure to put smiles on their faces.



Buying online can be tricky. If you search for Peter Rabbit alone there will be many “hits” to review. Unfortunately, many of those online sites can be unreliable or they are selling unlicensed products. It is best, therefore, to stick to original and licensed outlets to ensure that you are buying the genuine article and not one of the many counterfeits. Price may be one determining factor, but you should always consider issues such as source, licensing, safety, compliance, and copyright. Be certain that you review the online sites to secure a genuine product.


Peter and Friends

When buying gifts for children, remember what they’ll be used for. If you buy a soft toy it may make someone very happy, but combining it with a book can add a whole new level of enjoyment. It can mean that time can be spent reading together, which is a great way to invest in your child. While reading together the characters can “brought to life” and off the pages out of the tales themselves. Then the toys can be a wonderful way for children to continue to experience the stories and use their imaginations.


There are of course many wonderful characters to choose from. You might think instantly of Peter Rabbit himself, and why not! But don’t forget classic characters such as Jemima Puddle-Duck, Mr Jeremy Fisher, Tommy Brock, or indeed Benjamin Bunny. The list goes on. Having picked the character, choose the gift carefully, too. Do you want a simple toy, or something more interactive? A cushion or a keyring, you can even get a Peter Rabbit’s Great Ormond Street Doctor’s Bag – from which a donation will be made to the hospital itself.


Imagination is a wonderful thing, it can bring joy and happiness, fun and laughter. But sometimes it is hard to spark your own imagination or that of your children. At times like this there is nothing wrong with getting a little help. Beatrix Potter is a great source of inspiration to spark the imagination, to bring tales to life and enjoyment to many. Her creativity and creations can help make your Christmas 2018, and moreover that of your children all the more enjoyable. Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to order gifts online and have them delivered before the festive season. Then after the gifts are opened you can immerse yourself in the world of Peter Rabbit and introduce your children to their next exciting adventures.