Original Gift Ideas from Peter Rabbit’s World

Nov 12, 2018

We love giving gifts to the people we care about but it is often difficult to come up with just the right presents. It can be a huge challenge coming up with gifts that are as special as the people we love are. We could visit the shop around the corner and find items to give as gifts but they probably wouldn’t have the personality and originality that is needed to convey how much we care.


One reason why Beatrix Potter-related gifts mean so much is because we all have fond memories of reading Beatrix Potter books. Sitting next to a parent or grandparent listening to them read while we look at Beatrix Potter’s illustrations can be one of our earlier memories. Many of us have then gone on to share a similar experience with our own children, letting them enjoy the incredible work created by Beatrix Potter and thrill at the adventures of Peter Rabbit and the rest of his friends and family. Help take your shopping to the next level with these Peter Rabbit Christmas gift ideas.  



Sure, they might already have a few magnets on their refrigerators but a ragtag assortment of old magnets can’t compete with Peter Rabbit. The Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Magnet Set includes a collection of five of Beatrix Potter’s beloved illustrations in a portable form. You can pair it with the Beatrix Potter Flopsy Magnet Set to bring the family together because the more rabbits the better. These magnets make a great gift for anyone, even if they don’t have a lot of space. They can brighten up a university room or home by adding a fun reminder of the heart-warming Peter Rabbit stories to every trip to the refrigerator. 


Toiletries Bag

Whether they need a tote for belongings while they are travelling for work or holidays or simply need to keep items together to take with them during the day, the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Wash Bag keeps everything organised and easily portable. The lucky people on your shopping list can use these wash bags for makeup, toiletries, or other travel items to remain prepared, wherever they go. Perfect for a trip to the gym or they can use these handy zippered bags around the house to store special belongings in style. Beatrix Potter’s classic illustrations adorn the bags to give them personality in additional to functionality.


Lip Balm

Have you ever seen a rabbit with chapped lips? No? Well, now we may know why. Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Lip Balm combines gentle, moisturising lip balm on the inside with images of Peter Rabbit on the outside. The decorative lip balm tin comes enclosed in a lovely gift box, perfectly sized to make a great stocking filler.


Hand Cream

Rabbits are soft and snugglable. Human skin should be, too! Get on the softer side of people on your shopping list with the gift of Peter Rabbit Clean Linen Hand Cream. The light linen scent is ideal for everyday wear while helping to keep skin looking and feeling its best. Covered in Beatrix Potter illustrations, the tube of hand cream adds a decorative touch wherever it goes. What a great way to fight dry winter skin than with the help of this luxurious Peter Rabbit lotion.



Make shopping more convenient and stylish with the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Fold Away Tote Bag. It’s a handy size for visiting shops or running errands but it folds up for easy storage. Even boring errands seem a little more special when carrying this lovely bag. It’s colourful and striking zippered bag is covered with Peter Rabbit illustrations.


Glasses Case

Do you know people who are always looking for their glasses or perhaps are still trying to get used to needing reading glasses? It can be a challenge keeping track of glasses cases or developing the habit of carrying glasses around. You can make this easier with the gift of a Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Glasses Case. These attractive cases stand out in order to make them easier to find. They provide a touch of whimsy to a routine action like putting on glasses and can be a regular reminder of your thoughtfulness.



Cherished pictures of grandchildren, nieces, or other favourite people can look that much more appealing in the right frame. That’s why the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Photo Frame is a lovely gift option for whoever is on your shopping list. Pop in a recent picture to make the gift more special. It can become a treasured home or office accessory now and an heirloom to be passed down through the generations.