Kids’ Gifts to Share the Childhood Magic of Peter Rabbit

Nov 30, 2020

Childhood is usually a magical time. Sure, there can be times of stress and drama but, for most of us, the memories that stick with us are of the quality times we spent with friends and family. One of my most touching memories is of listening to my grandmother read from Beatrix Potter’s books. While I was snuggled up under the covers she would dim the lights in my room and then pull a chair up right next to my bed. Even the anticipation of hearing her read was wonderful. She’ll pick up The Tale of Peter Rabbit or one of my other favourite books and hold the book up to show me the cover. Immediately Beatrix Potter’s colourful drawings would catch my eye and capture my imagination.

My grandmother would smile. Ever so slowly she would open the book so we could hear the mouse-sized squeak from the spine of the book as pages inside were revealed. Then she would settle into her chair and begin to read. Her warm voice quickly surrounded me in mental images of Peter Rabbit and his family. I could smell the rich warm air from Peter’s home and the lush garden next door. I could hear the wind gently rustling the leaves as Peter hopped his way toward another adventure. 

Today I continue to treasure these moments and I like to do my part to pass wonderful times like that on to the next generation. That is one reason why I appreciate Peter Rabbit wonderful children’s gifts for Christmas. They are fun to use while reminding the kids in my life of the joys of reading and the magic of imagination, - especially at this magical time of year. 

Like me they can look at the illustrations by Beatrix Potter and be reminded of those precious moments we’ve spent reading together. Giving them Peter Rabbit-related gifts gives them a chance to appreciate Beatrix Potter illustrations and their memories throughout their days.


Peter, Friends, & Family

I remember how the stories of Beatrix Potter changed how I felt as a child about exploring the park near my home. What had seemed like boring grass and shrubberies before suddenly became a place where Peter and his family might live. Under the leaves of that plant could be the entrance into Mrs. Rabbit’s cosy house under the hedges. Was that leaf on the ground one Flopsy dropped on the way to the burrow? I would find myself looking for tiny bite marks where a rabbit might have been nibbling on tinder leaves. 

Giving children a Peter Rabbit plush toy can allow them to accompany Peter on new adventures or recreate Peter’s trip into the garden. Fortunately, all of our favourite characters from Beatrix Potter’s books are now available as plush toys we can give to the children we love.


Portable Peter

We don’t always think of children needing totes or purses but my kids find them fun. The Beatrix Potter illustrations make the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Purse cute enough for kids while helping children feel a little grown up, simply by having purses of their own. It’s a petite 9.5cm tall which makes it perfectly sized for tiny hands.

For school, the Peter Rabbit Tote Bag can be ideal for keeping track of books and other items on the way to classes or nursery. It can also be a handy tote for trips to the library. Kids can pack it full of special items for sleepover at a friend’s house or a trip to Grandmother’s house for a day of adventure.



Meals with young children can be a challenge. Finding food they want to eat, trying keep the area around the table from becoming a debris field, and teaching a few table manners can be a trial. That’s where the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Dinner Set can come to the rescue. The cute illustrations make meals a bit more entertaining and the child-sized plate, bowl, cup, fork, and spoon can make it easier for tiny hands to successfully manoeuvre. There are few lovely gift sets available to make it easy to find the gift that’s right for whoever is on your list like the Beatrix Potter Flopsy, Mopsy & Cotton-tail Three-Piece Nursery Set and the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Mug. There is even a Peter Rabbit Christmas Dinner set to make this season a little more festive.


Wee Ones

Gifts for babies (or women who are expecting) can be a little bit more of a challenge. That’s where the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit First Tooth and Curl Box can be ideal. These make wonderful keepsakes for parents and items for the children to grow to appreciate and pass on to their children one day. Each item is packaged in a gift box featuring the lovely, original Beatrix Potter illustrations to make them treasures in their own right.

But most of all may this Christmas bring us all lots of laughter, warmth and great memories. Together or apart, let's make the best out of this magical time and hope for better year 2021.

~ Emma

Friends of Peter Rabbit Club Manager