Fall in love with autumn

Oct 12, 2023

Snuggle up and hunker down with Peter Rabbit and his pals!


Brrrrrrrr! We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly feeling a bit of a chill in the air as the dark autumnal evenings start to draw in. While some people may not be hopping with happiness that the lovely long days of summer are over for yet another year, we’re actually wiggling our bob-tails with glee, and are very much ‘falling’ in love with the season. You see, a chill in the air, a nip on your nose and a long dark night are the perfect excuse to snuggle up, hunker down and enjoy all that autumn has to offer.


And what better way to hunker down and embrace the dark nights than by curling up with a good book or two (or three, or four, or five!). That’s right, everyone’s favourite bob-tailed bunny – Peter Rabbit and his much-loved pals – are the perfect companion for those long dark evenings. Pick up a copy of your favourite tale from Beatrix Potter’s iconic literary works, grab your favourite chunky knit blanket, and softly light a corner of the room with the gentle glow of a reading lamp. Then, turn the pages as you immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Peter Rabbit and follow along with the main mischief maker as he gets up to all sorts of adventures. Read alone with nothing but a cup of warm cocoa and your imagination for company, or if you have little ones at home, why not pull them in, draw them close and snuggle up together as you read aloud the Tale of Peter Rabbit?


Of course, if you’re going to be enjoying the stories of Peter Rabbit and his playful pals, you’re going to want a very special place to store – and even display – them in your home. We adore this Peter Rabbit Book Stop. An ornamental piece, it’s inspired by the artwork of Beatrix Potter’s original tale, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. With Peter presented in a 3D form, his image has been inspired and redrawn from the original 2D illustrations of the book. The structure of the Book Stop is presented in a clean and classic shade of white to mimic the look and feel of the real front cover, with the same font used for the title and the opening line of “Once upon a time there were four little rabbits…”. Measuring in at 16.0cm tall, the Peter Rabbit Book Stop is a paw-fect piece of home décor this autumn as you snuggle up and hunker down with your favourite Beatrix Potter book.


Speaking of Beatrix Potter books and home décor, you’ll be pricking your ears up at this next piece… hop forward the Once Upon A Time There Were Four Little Rabbits Peter Rabbit Storybook by Jim Shore.


Carefully crafted into the shape of a 3D book, the piece depicts the opening scene of The Tale of Peter Rabbit, featuring Peter in his iconic blue coat, along with his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-Tail in their red capes, and Mrs. Rabbit tending to her children, with a woven basket in paw and white apron around her waist. The most paw-fect piece for a fan of Beatrix Potter or Jim Shore that is sure to be loved year after year and will become a firm favourite with generations to come. Proudly display the piece around your home, or if reading with your little ones as you snuggle up this autumn, why not see if they can recognise the scene Jim has so beautifully captured in this figurine, as you read the book together?


And of course, if you are snuggling down with your favourite Peter Rabbit book this autumn as you ‘fall’ in love with the season, then you’re going to need something to snuggle into, too! That’s right, no reading experience is complete without a comfy place to get lost in your book, so why not snuggle into the main mischief maker himself, with our re-invented, reimagined and totally renewed Peter Rabbit Large Plush by Beatrix Potter?


Of course, the hero of our new and exciting collection is the mischief-maker himself. The Peter Rabbit Plush features everyone’s favourite bob-tailed bunny in his iconic blue coat with little yellow buttons, seeing his fluffy ears pricked up and his paws outstretched as if ready to give a great big hug. Made from gorgeous new fabrics and high-quality super soft stuffings, this Peter Rabbit is wonderful to touch and oh-so-cuddly. We’re sure you’ll want to snuggle down and not step outside again until spring!