Explore the Winter Peter Rabbit Figurine Collection

Dec 12, 2018

You might not associate rabbits with the winter but, thanks to the world of Beatrix Potter, you should! Just like the rest of us, Peter Rabbit and his friends and family enjoy preparing for the winter, setting up their Christmas trees, and spending time with each other. In fact, playing in the snow during the day and then snuggling up in a warm burrow sounds like a lovely way to make the most of the cold and snowy season. You can let the characters from Peter Rabbit help to inspire your Christmas or make your whole festive season a bit brighter with Winter Collection Peter Rabbit Figurines.


Snow Much Fun

What do bunnies create while out in the winter snow? No snowmen for them. It should be no surprise that they make snow rabbits, instead! The Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit and Snow Rabbit Figurine bring the scene to life. The snow rabbit reaches out as Peter Rabbit hands him a bundle of festive holly. The snow rabbit has whiskers and a bird perched on his top hat.


Make a Date

The arrival of the winter means the start of a new year is right around the corner. Kick off 2018 in style with the Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Perpetual Calendar. Rotate the blocks to show the month and date. This is a great way to get children more interested in learning numbers and understanding calendars. It makes a lovely gift for anyone but, for grandparents and parents, it can be a touching reminder of their days of reading Beatrix Potter books to the next generation. That’s sure to bring up great memories for everyone of the quality time spent reading together.


Dear Santa

Call him Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Either way, the man with the sleigh full of toys helps to make our winter more festive. Like the rest of us, Peter Rabbit and his friends are likely to want to put in a good word with Santa and ask him for a few special gifts. The Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Posting a Letter figurine could be of Peter sending a message to Santa or mailing a letter to a friend. The figurine artfully captures the moment of Peter posting the letter, stretching up to reach the mail slot.


Coin Banks

The festive season is a time when most of our spare coins seem to go toward treats and presents for everyone on our shopping lists. Once the new year starts, however, many of us try to catch up by renewing our resolutions to save more money this year. That’s where the Beatrix Potter money banks can help to inspire us to save a little more. For children, learning the value of money and the importance of saving can be spurred by the idea of being able to deposit coins in an adorable money bank. There is even a money bank designed as a gift for a new baby to start the child on the road to financial security, one coin at a time.


Family Time

When we think of the winter season, the thing that comes to mind more than anything else is the memories of our time spent with our loved ones. Small moments like baking together and sharing treats stay with us. The memory of that can continue to warm our hearts each time we think about it. Special times together are captured by figurines like the Beatrix Potter Mrs. Rabbit, Flopsy & Peter Rabbit Figurine. In this figurine, Mrs. Rabbit has her basket and she is handing treats to Flopsy and Peter Rabbit. While as humans we’d prefer our mothers giving us a biscuit rather than a bit of lettuce or a carrot, the thoughtful sentiment remains the same.


Sharing hot cocoa or a cup of chamomile tea that one of our parents has prepared for us is warming in ways beyond the powers of beverages. That’s one of the reasons why figurines of the characters and moments from Beatrix Potter’s books have such a strong impact when we see them. They remind us of the fabulous times we had reading Beatrix Potter’s books and sharing them along with the similar moments we shared with parents, grandparents, children, or other caregivers we’ve cared for over the years.