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One Year Renewal Friends of Peter Rabbit UK 2017

Renew your membership with the Friends of Peter Rabbit Club and continue to enjoy the exclusive benefits, together with your Club Membership Gift. 2017, has been inspired by the illustration from Beatrix Potter’s ‘little book’, The Tale Samuel Whiskers, when Tom Kitten meets the ‘enormous rat’ for the first time.



You will continue to receive twice yearly a magazine subscription to Hill Top Tales, filled with details on all aspects of Beatrix Potter’s fascinating life, characters and tales.



Each year, you have the opportunity, but no obligation, to purchase the Club Exclusive. This year’s Annual Member-only Figurine, has been inspired by one of the most memorable illustrations from Beatrix Potter’s ‘little book’: The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse (published in 1918) and depicts the two mice from very different walks of life in an idyllic rural scene, in which Timmy Willie tries to convince Johnny Town-mouse that he will ‘never want to live in town again’.



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