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Our member-exclusive magazine is produced twice a year and is filled with articles about our product as well as regular features about the life of Beatrix Potter, people she knew, places she visited and the animals that inspired her Tales, making it the best way to find out all about what is and was going on in the world of Beatrix Potter.


Over the years our Hill Top Tales issues have built up to become a wonderful reference point for all things Beatrix Potter, and can be dipped into time and time again. After all of these years, it is amazing to think that there is still so much more that we can impart about Beatrix Potter’s many achievements, proving once more that she was so much more than just an author! Did you know, for example, that one of her scientific papers, On the Germination of the Spores of Agaricineae, was read to the Linnean Society in 1897, or that she was a Herdwick sheep breeder in later life? 


Hill Top Tales also keeps you up to date with regular features from Warne, the publishers of Beatrix’s books, as well as news from other Beatrix Potter attractions, exhibitions, or events that might interest to you. Binders, which hold up to twelve copies of Hill Top Tales, are also available from the Club.

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