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This year’s Club Membership Gift, which is only available to new and renewing members during 2017, has been inspired by the illustration from Beatrix Potter’s ‘little book’, The Tale of Samuel Whiskers, when Tom Kitten meets the ‘enormous rat’ for the first time.

Samuel Whiskers’ story was originally published in 1908 as The Roly-Poly Pudding, in the larger size used for The Pie and The Patty-Pan, but was eventually published in 1926 in the smaller size to fit into the collection of Tales, which was when it was renamed The Tale of Samuel Whiskers.

‘I’m in sad trouble, Cousin Ribby,’ said Tabitha, shedding tears. ‘I’ve lost my dear son Thomas; I’m afraid the rats have got him…

The Tale sees the return of the naughty Tom Kitten, who tries to hide from his mother but gets himself into serious trouble! Creeping up the kitchen chimney, he gets trapped by two menacing rats, who tie him up and roll him up in pudding pastry — for dinner! Thankfully, Tom is saved by John Joiner (a black Scottie dog) who lifts the floorboards where ‘there was a strong smell of rats.’

‘We are discovered and interrupted…let us collect our property — and other people’s, — and depart at once.’ Says Samuel Whiskers to his wife, Anna Maria, and they flee the house for the safety of Farmer Potatoes’ Barn. This is not the last we see of them, however, as Samuel Whiskers makes another appearance in The Tale of Ginger and Pickles too.

Samuel Whiskers
Height: 5.5cm
The soles of Samuel's shoes are accented with 22-carat gold!